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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Sausage Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

This is a pretty straight forward concept as you look at the photo. I have to say though that I would like to try it with ground sausage now and will definitely do this again. I may even do it with other cuts and types of meats.

The flavor of the sausage bleeds gently through the pork, so when you eat it, you just get subtle flavors through the pork, but the actual sausage in the center gives your mouth a little jolt of extra flavors.

You will need:
a pork loin
smoked sausage of your choice.

***If you partially freeze the loin, it will be easier to get the hole through it, but its not absolutely necessary.
Take a longer, sharp knife and pierce the end of the loin lengthwise. Push the knife through the center as far as it will go without cutting through the other end.

Hold the loin down so that it doesn't turn and twist your knife in a circle motion back and forth until the hole is stretched a bit.

Keeping the knife inside the hole, press firmly to one side to cut a slit as you slowly pull the knife out.

One sausage link should fit through the hole at this point. Repeat the process for the number of links you wish to fill it with, but each time, be sure to start the knife just at the edge of the first slit/hole so they connect.

Push your sausage through the hole and pinch the loin closed at the open end.

Now you can cook the loin any method you like. We put ours on the grill and it was amazing.

Next time around, I intend on using ground sausage!!!


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