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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Breaded Stuffed Porkchops

Yield: 3 stuffed porkchops

These stuffed porkchops are so tasty and tender that you will want to make them all the time. It is a bit of a twist on the stuffed porkchops that you normally see. Its a simple recipe even when you use our homemade stuffing for it. Use panko bread crumbs or plain regular crumbs.


  • 3 thick cut porkchops
  • 3 - 4 cups stuffing - I use this recipe for the stuffing
  • Bread crumbs - I like Panko best.
  • 1 cup of Ranch Dressing or plain mayonnaise if preferred 
  • Lots of cracked black pepper (I use about a tablespoon per porkchop)

 Either this or the rub below are also great additions to this recipe or any pork recipe!

  1. Prepare stuffing as directed and set aside.
  2. With a fillet knife, butterfly each porkchop leaving enough solid meat at one end to make a pocket in the porkchop.
  3. Generously stuff each porkchop full and tight with stuffing mix. Set aside.
  4. In 2 shallow bowls, add ranch or mayonnaise to one, and bread crumbs to the other.
  5. Using some of the cracked black pepper, generously sprinkle the filled porkchops on each side.
  6. Put the remainder of the black pepper into the bread crumbs combining completely.
  7. Coat each filled porkchop with a nice even layer of ranch or mayonnase, then roll in peppered bread crumbs.
  8. Press the bread crumbs onto each porkchop so you have a thick, even crumb coating.
  9. Bake the porkcops on 400 degrees F in the oven for 20 - 30
  10. minutes or until meat is completely cooked.


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