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Monday, March 18, 2013

Re-Create - Spring Rolls

Stretch your food dollars as far as they will go by re-creating new meals from left-overs. This re-creation recipe for spring rolls uses left-over coleslaw with a few other additions, wrapped in egg roll wraps and fried until they are golen brown and delicious.

You can save so much time and money by using your left-overs to create new recipes. Egg roll wraps are pretty useful for just that, and you can create any tasty combo of foods you may have that will give you a bit of variety without wasting your left-overs.

For 10 rolls, I used:

1+ cup coleslaw (a little better than a half cup for each meat)
1 1/2 cups meat (ground pork sausage and smoked salmon in 2 different batches)
Tablespoon of brown sugar per batch
2 slashes soy sauce per batch
10 egg roll wraps

When you are dealing with left over ingredients from your fridge...I don't bother measuring. I just add things together that would taste good and wrap it up! Soups are another great way to get rid of left overs making another yummy meal.

Stop back for more ideas on Re-Created meals!


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